Frequent GI Tract Screenings Can Help You Detect Disease

Schedule an endoscopy procedure at our clinic in Crowley, LA

Innovations in modern medicine have allowed doctors to detect disease without cutting into the body. An endoscopy procedure, for example, is a noninvasive way to check for gastric polyps, GI infections or esophageal cancers. Whether you're experiencing stomach pain or simply need a routine screening, you should come to Acadia Total Health in Crowley, LA for an endoscopy.

You should schedule endoscopy procedures frequently if...

  • You're over 50 years old
  • Colorectal cancer runs in your family
  • You suffer from a chronic GI disease

We also perform health assessments and treat liver diseases. Call 337-210-4045 now to make an appointment.

How to prepare for your colonoscopy

Colonoscopy procedures can be uncomfortable, but they're life-saving tools for detecting and diagnosing disease. You can minimize your discomfort by following your doctor's orders beforehand and taking slow, deep breaths during the procedure.

We do our best to make colonoscopies quick and painless for Crowley, LA area residents. Contact us today to learn what to expect during your colonoscopy procedure.