Don't Let Joint or Muscle Pain Hold You Back

Look into our arthritis treatment options in the Crowley, LA area

Arthritis can keep people from living life to the fullest. Have you given up your favorite activities due to moderate or severe joint pain? If so, the team at Acadia Total Health can help you find an effective arthritis treatment.

We go above and beyond to help Crowley, LA area residents experience pain relief. Contact us today to learn about your arthritis treatment options.

3 things you should know about trigger point injections

Trigger point injections contain small amounts of anesthetics and steroids to soothe tense muscles. Although injections can help alleviate pain in any muscle, they're a go-to back pain treatment because...

  • They work quicker than oral medication.
  • They can be administered at a doctor's office.
  • They target specific pain points to provide lasting relief.

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